Violence against women affects one in three women around the world.  Women and girls are disproportionately affected during times of crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified underlying gender inequities, including violence against women. According to UN Women and WHO reports, there has been an increase in domestic violence cases across the world during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is also confirmed by Google Trends data, showing +143% increase in queries on the search engine related to domestic violence cases worldwide (data at May 2nd).

Domestic violence may occur within homes, but it affects women’s lives well beyond their homes.  It deeply affects women at work as well as their workplaces. A European study to measure the impact of domestic violence on the workplace found that more than half of survivors reported issues at work (lateness, absenteeism and/or presenteeism) due to domestic violence.  This means that Governments but also companies must ensure that they have in place the best possible policies and measures to respond efficiently to domestic violence at the workplace.

Led By HER, the Kering Foundation, Dentons and the Thomson Reuters Foundation have mobilized legal teams across several countries and continents to present the best practices and policies for addressing Domestic violence at the workplace.  Our comparative report (including Australia, New Zealand, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Canada) presents clear and actionable measures that can be adopted by governments to create better working environments everywhere for women who have suffered from violence, as well as implemented at a company level to best address the issue.

We look forward to sharing and inspiring what we can all do to make a difference in creating the best environment for women.

Thursday, July 2 from 3.00 to 4.30 PM Paris (CET) time

Protecting victims of domestic violence in the workplace: what countries and companies do?

Opening Keynotes

  • Antiono Zappulla, CEO Thomas Reuters Foundation (TBC)
  • Gabriella Ramos, Assistant Director General for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO

DV at the workplace: its effects and existing policy response
Moderator: Belinda Goldsmith, Editor in Chief, Thomas Reuters Foundation

  • Chiara Condi, Founder, Led By HER
  • Catherine Coulter, Dentons Canada Legal Team
  • Marceline Naudi, President GREVIO

The role of companies: Implementing or preceding national regulations to Address Domestic Violence
Moderator: Mina Seetgarama, Chief Strategy Officer, The Economist

  • Anita Bhatia, Deputy Director UN Women (TBC)
  • Hermien Botes, Head of Sustainability Engagement at Anglo American
  • Celine Bonnaire, Kering Foundation/ 1 in 3 Women
  • Jane Pillinger, Expert on Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

Follow Up And Closing

  • Monika Queisser, Head, Social Policy Division, OECD

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Download the research report “Comparative Research on Workplace Laws to combat Domestic Violence”: and to read a recent story on this report published by Emma Batha, Chief Correspondent UK, with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, see here: