Become a Mentor

What do Led By HER mentors do?

Mentors help our participants capitalize on their own skills and develop their talents. They encourage the sharing of experiences, the development of knowledge and know-how. The mentors help design the action plans needed to carry out the entrepreneurial project and motivate the participants to carry them out.

At the beginning of each session, the mentor and mentee set out a roadmap with short and long-term objectives based on the mentor’s strengths and experience. Throughout the year, the mentor nurtures and supports the mentee, who remains the main actor of her entrepreneurial project.

Each mentoring session last 2 hours and takes place twice a month for a duration of 12 months.

New mentors will have a half-day training in September and three full days in October.

How to become an LBH mentor?

To become a mentor, apply by filling in the form.
A member of our team will contact you shortly to arrange for an interview.

We review each application based on several criteria in order to build the most suitable mentoring pairs in regard to the projects.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all selected mentors will find a mentee for the upcoming year.

However, once your application has been accepted, if it cannot be retained for the current cycle, we will keep your file and explore with you the different ways you can get involved in the Led By HER program.

You can complete and send your application form at any time. Applications received after the deadline for the current year’s mentoring cycle will be considered for the next cycle.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at

To participate in our mentoring missions, we invite you to join the association.