FoundHERLab’s goal is to change mentalities and to promote a more inclusive and equal professional sphere. Thanks to our network, this is a formidable tool that encourages new entrepreneurial practices that support women, their jobs and their businesses.

Today, the first obstacle for the 5 million women in France who wish to become entrepreneurs is their lack of relevant skills.

This is why Led By HER, in partnership with Capgemini, has created the network, a free digital mutual aid platform that offers potential women entrepreneurs the ability to access personalised support around over a hundred different skills from a pool of experts.

If you are a woman with a business or a business project, you can benefit from these experts to support your activity and find answers to your questions by registering on is also the place where experts who want to commit to a cause can use their skills. Sign up to support women entrepreneurs by sharing your experience and knowledge. All types of expertise, from soft skills to technical skills, are useful to these budding entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

“It’s very simple. For example, if you are looking for advice to develop your business, your marketing plan, your design or if you have financial and accounting questions, then the site offers you a selection of experts. You can then consult their profiles and see their availability. Once a request for a contact has been accepted, you can then agree on a date for an in-person or videoconference meeting. It’s easy, efficient and free, and it will change your life,” explains Sandrine Fouillé, CSR Director for France at Capgemini and pilot of the project within the Capgemini Group.

If you are a company and would like to become a partner of the platform, please contact us at