Support our Actions

By becoming a sponsor and a Led By HER partner, companies reaffirm their social involvement in promoting equal opportunities, female entrepreneurship and the emancipation of women victims of violence.

Supporting Led By HER also means providing a concrete response to both an economic and a social problem, through several actions.

Committing to a cause

Led By HER’s goal is to see emerge new models of success and hope for women victims of  physical or psychological violence, and to lead specific actions to help build a world where equality is the norm.

Your commitment can take the form of a financial donation to help us pursue our missions, such as the entrepreneurship program or you can be involved into a specific mission with the Entrepren’HER program.

The Led By HER’s mission cannot be achieved without the commitment of the entrepreneurial world by our side. Our synergistic initiatives bring attention to our common message and together we make is more visible and effective.

Raising awareness and involving your employees

Led By HER partners with companies when they carry out their internal awareness-raising actions, particularly during “solidarity days” or “journées solidaires”.

In some workshops, your employees can chaperone some of Led by Her beneficiaries for one day to help them with their professional project. This human experience is a magnificent lever to unite your team around meaningful activities while supporting female entrepreneurship.

Promoting your employees’ skills

Your employees can support our participants and their projects by becoming mentors or coaches. You can also provide support in the form of skills sponsorship, services or manpower.

With our sponsorship agreement, the partner company benefits from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of its donation within the limit of 0.5% of the CAHT (law of 1 August 2003 relating to sponsorship, associations and foundations).

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