Who Are We?

Founded in 2014, Led By HER is the first organization in France to help women victims of violence to rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship.

Led By HER is opposed to any form of inequality and violence against women and supports women in their professional projects by raising awareness of the consequences of violence.

Led By HER’s mission is to give these women the training, tools and support they need, and to rally a large community around them so they can get out of social exclusion, help them out of isolation and contribute to their financial emancipation.

Our mission

  • Empower women’s voices around the world through entrepreneurship
  • Open entrepreneurship to more women by giving them access to resources and networks and by strengthening their skills and competencies
  • Rally communities and public opinion around women’s entrepreneurship, to help promote more women entrepreneurs, more diversity and less discrimination
  • Launch and inspire female entrepreneurs, offering women a structure and support to start their projects
  • Promote new professional projects and the creation of new businesses
  • End inequalities through equal opportunities

To achieve this:

  • Led By HER brings together an entrepreneurial ecosystem including business schools, corporations and women-focused organizations.
  • We give these women the tools they need through pedagogy and entrepreneurship in order to help them reclaim their lives and acquire new skills.
  • We are part of the public debate, being inclusive and promoting innovative initiatives, wanting to transform our economies by getting involved with the new actors of change and women victims of violence.