Chiara Condi - Founder and President

Chiara Condi

Working with women-focused programs for a multilateral development bank helped Chiara understand the universal disadvantages that women face, particularly those who experienced violence, regardless of who they are or where they live in the world. Just as she learned many of the same causes were at the root of their vulnerability and isolation she realized that resources could more effectively be organized to assist them in developing solutions. She developed her own program to address this need after spending significant time with potential beneficiaries in France and working closely with existing supportive organizations in order to tailor a program that directly responded to the unmet need for this specific group. She envisioned an organization where the participants’ ability to thrive was at the heart of its community and mission.

Félicité Boivent - Vice President


Claire Mays - Secretary

Claire Mays

Claire Mays is a psychologist, researcher and specialist in communication and public affairs. Claire was an entrepreneur before it was cool ! She participated in the creation of Institut Symlog France “in order to better help people and groups work together.” Whether it be in French nuclear plants or in local municipalities around ten European member countries, she has helped analyze values and priorities, facilitated methods of collaborative evaluation, and coordinated the development of a collective strategy and best practices. She has often played a liaison role for local officials and governmental and non-governmental organizations. “I have been able to intervene in a large variety of sectors, thanks to my ability to listen and spark action; passionate about writing and communication, I have facilitated expression among individuals within institutions, scientists and citizens in their projects, crossing national and disciplinary boundaries.

Eric Bercu - Treasurer

After his business school studies Eric decided to immediately join a structure that was human-scale in which he still exercises today carrying out expertise for courts, including evaluation of businesses and estimations of losses. Now for over ten years he has overseen the evolution and starting of businesses, the factors that drive success and those that create problems. Eric is also dedicated to training within professional committees. He is passionate about art, gastronomy and Italy.

Luisa Maschio - Communications Manager

Luisa Maschio

Passionate about entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs, Luisa made this her profession and now works as the communications and media relations manager for the entrepreneurship program at ESSEC.

After watching the journey of entrepreneurs every day, she is convinced that “entrepreneurship can change people’s lives and can be a vector of transformation”. It is clear that Led By HER is a natural fit! She first became a volunteer and then chose to support the organization as the communications manager.

Fabienne Rouarch -